Cara (fancydressmasks) wrote in boatthatrocked,

Featured Marianne etc. in Article "Fashion Inspiration in the Form of Film & Television Characters"

Hi, a while back I posted an entry to my blog about how film and television characters inspire my sense of fashion. Marianne and the rest of The Boat That Rocked's girls are some of the characters I've focused on, so you might be interested in it.

"What I love about fashion is that feeling of dressing up. People (mostly guys) will often say to me, "Why are you wearing that?!"
It's always struck me as an insanely odd question. Does there really need to be much reason to wear something? I'm wearing it because I feel like it. "But why would you were four-inch heels to college?" Why not?..."

Read the rest here at my blog:

If you like it, please comment and check out my other posts. I have very little readership at the moment so it would be lovely to hear your thoughts, x
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